An exhibition of 3D engineering excellence
From Hand to Scan

This exhibition, which is on the 13th October at the Solent Sky Museum in Southampton is designed for all those who have an interest in aviation, it’s heritage, engineering and manufacturing and is for all ages as we are going to be taking you on a journey from old manufacturing methods through to the latest in 3D engineering.

Our focus will be taking you on a 3D journey by re-engineering the world famous and iconic Supermarine Spitfire, which is using the very latest cutting-edge technology. Throughout the day we will be hosting seminars from our partners who are some of the industry’s biggest hitters, including HP, FARO, Solid Solutions, Graitec, Frazer Nash and 3T RPD who will explain the processes they went through to re-engineer the Spitfire.

Throughout the day there will be plenty more activities offering inspiration and insight into some of the most exciting 3D engineering and manufacturing stories to date plus you will have the opportunity to look at all the wonderful exhibits that the Solent Sky Museum has on show especially one of the last hand-built Spitfires made at the Supermarine site in Woolston, Southampton, so making this event for a family day out.


Spitfire Heritage for Future Generations Presentations

A 3D Journey through the day as our partners will be holding presentations, which will give you an insight into the current capabilities of 3D engineering and the challenges faced. Take away practical advice, ideas and solutions to help optimise manufacturing and engineering strategies.

There will be two sets of presentations during the day with the first in the morning starting at 10.30am and the second in the afternoon starting at 2.30pm.  These will be held on the upper mezzanine (Flying Boat Exhibition)

Handtoscan Opening Introduction

Solent Sky Museum – Preserving our aviation heritage

Isodo3d – Scanning smaller parts of the Spitfire and producing 3D printable files.

HP – 3D technologies, changing our engineering, education and creativity futures

Frazer Nash – Explaining how they used their metal powder-bed layer laser additive manufacturing technology to 3D print in steel and titanium alloy.

Graitec – See how the scan data was used to produce the ultimate immersive spitfire VR experience.

Explore activities around the Solent Sky Museum

  • See how the first aircraft panels were made by hand.
  • Live scanning demonstrations using the very latest HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 and HP Sprout Immersive Technology
  • You will also have the chance to view the ultimate immersive spitfire VR experience from Graitec.
  • See parts of the spitfire being 3D Printed on the day and other sample parts printed using the very latest materials including metals.
  • Live demonstrations of Ultimaker Desktop 3D Printers.

More activities will be added as we move closer to the event date so follow our social media for regular updates. You could also keep up to date by checking in with our hashtag – #handtoscan
Let’s also not forget that while you’re at the museum you have full access to see all the current aviation exhibits and the fascinating Hampshire Police & Fire Collection.